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Sam and Dean are two strays who live in a junk'd Impala in the Singer Scrapyard.

An AU where the typical cast are cats - but when it comes to the formerly in-door only cats from the Shirley House things arent always what they seem.

Feel free to ask questions to or about any member of the SPN canon~
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all art by suchacat


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enjoy your post turkey comas

He doesnt really like to talk about it.


Cats & Dogs


trade thing with the amazing Drei of my boys & her boys

If you seriously never checked out her supercatural ask blog seriously what are you doing

Drei is a super talented artist & a super nice person,she was one of the many people that motivated me into making this blog,she did some killer fanart for spndogs before i even thought about making a blog

bottom line,she´s great,go follow



i guess

just a PSA because now that im slightly more active im getting new questions - please dont make requests. (ie: “can we see some sabriel?” “can we see xcat and xcat interacting?” or “is there a crowley/ruby/lucifer/any other character cat?” or variations asking if i can draw one as a cat)

I’ll gladly take some requests on my main blog since it will also give me an idea of who people want to see on this blog?? but they’re not…questions so im not going to answer them here (honestly, there are some characters i want to bring in but i have no situations..to bring them in!!)

so YEAH, feel free to gear questions towards certain character interactions or introductions, but straight up requests will be deleted! ;w;


did a catstiel to warm up and it sort of got out of hand… anyway heres some fanart for asksupercatural! which is drawn by this cool cat!!

 Anonymous:Have you ever considered doing a collab with caninatural?

uhhh i havent but if they wanted to i’d definitely consider it!!!

…we’ve seen it

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